Nancy Buckenham


After years of using graphic design to finance my love of creating fine art, I was able to open my own gallery. This became catalyst for my nature and wildlife drawings to become a limited edition line of prints. Sold nationwide, I then turned them into a greeting card line.

Harnessing my angst to recycle everything, led to pondering “usable art”. I started painting found objects, including furniture and glassware, sparking the Over Dunn line.(Over Dunn, because it was ‘done over’ and  completely ‘over done’). The glassware designs grew into a successful line with more than fifty patterns and forty different items. This led to trade shows all over the world, and eventually designing for the giftware industry. Once again, graphic design called my name and I worked for several different advertising agencies, until I was hired at Art Director for the Thule Corporation. When the company moved, I quit and went back to fine art. Challenging myself to paint everyday for one year, I landed squarely in the middle of whimsy. Trying mixed media, watercolor, pens and inks, for the first time, I started painting cereal boxes, junk mail, and packaging materials. This inspired junk journals, ephemera, and dyed paper ribbon. Whimsy and color are my constant. I've learned to finger paint all over again, and on occasion you will find a little wildlife thrown in.

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