Poppy Paizs


Growing up in tropical Thailand, I am inspired by the intricate beauty and designs found in nature. The complexity of life is sometimes best expressed in a single sweeping image, and a message can be most powerful when illustrated in vivid color.


That is my passion, to express complex ideas, even different worlds and worldviews, through imagery, with an end goal of improving community and individual experiences. I am determined to pass knowing my work helped make our world a more beautiful and connected place.


I am a visual medium problem solver, and find a great deal of enjoyment from utilizing any and all media or tools to express different types of impactful imagery. This can involve paints of all kinds, pencils, pens, pastels, 2D or 3D digital software, and much more! I am currently working in illustration, muraling, and graphic design fields, and am open to new projects. If you have a story to tell, or a passion to share, I would love to work with you to bring the world you see in your mind's eye to life!

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