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June 11, 2022

Artist Application


Requirements to Participate

1. All artwork exhibited must be original art created and hand-produced by the artist. Limited edition prints are allowed. No vendor selling other artists work will be permitted.

2. Your application must include at least four images of your artwork and if available one image of your booth display from previous events. Prints must be representative of the work to be showcased.


3. Participants must provide their own booth, change fund, equipment, etc. There is no electricity.


4. Each vendor shall have a exhibit spaces of 10’ x 10’ with 1’ on each side of the booth and are pre-assigned. White canopies are preferable but not mandatory. Tables will be required to be covered and not exposed. All tables, art, etc. must be within the 10’ x 10’ area. Space assignments and information will be emailed weeks prior to the event.


5. All booths must be ready to open by 1:00 PM Saturday and remain open until 5:00 PM and begin break down after crowd has dispersed. Artists must be present at their booth though helpers are allowed. Vehicles will not be allowed onto the footprint of the art stroll until everyone has cleared the street.


6. All applicants will go through a juried process. Accepted artists will be notified by email.

7. Registration Fee: $50

​The registration fee goes to help us cover the cost of street closures, event insurance and entertainment to guarantee we have a safe and successful Art & Wine Stroll. With your participation and support we can make this happen and make this an annual event.

Sign me up!

Interested in participating in this years 2022 Art & Wine Stroll!

What is your medium

Please upload four images of your artwork

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Thanks for submitting!

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